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Poker Tournament Strategy

Many different approaches in regards to tournament play are still existing, and there are several preferences that the players may find over any other options, or would that player may find happiness to combine up the styles depending upon whom the player finds to play with at any given time. It is to be considered as the best alternative but, for the reason that most tournaments shift very speedily, it is still necessary to read every new opponents adequately well to mix up the play. The longer the duration of the event, and therefore the gaps between blind rises, the more time you have to assess your opponents and determine which style best suits each opponent.

Say for example the players are playing in a freeze out event or the players have already passed the end of the re-buy and add-on period.

Useful strategies are suggested for keeping the players still intact in the event and with enough money chips to compose a civilized play in keeping the funds.

Before Event and during Opening Blind Level

Always play ultra-tight. Always consider the competition is stiff. Bear in mind the chip count, the blind-level regularity and prize-payout timetable. This is very significant in supervision of the player’s fund. Be well-informed of re-buy options and add-on chances. See to it that the fund is adequate to pay for any add-ons that may encounter since most players are aware of this also. Be smart in knowing that when re-buys and add-on are less costly, players might be willing to spend more and more efforts to be able to raise or even maintain what is ventured to be played by keep on working on the game seriously to increase their funds before the re-buy period even ends.

Evaluate challengers at the table, rate every participant, and make a decision on which player is to be attacked. By this, the player is creating his/her own image on the table and would eventually be relaxed in analyzing the styles of the other players whether that opponent is sitting to your left or to your right side. Rating them as players will definitely has an effect on the way you will handle the situations at this table. The longer the player stays on the table, the more important that player becomes.

First Quartile or Event

Stay to what the player had started. Playing ultra-tight would still be best during the start and the mid positions. Be firm in playing big cards. Avoid tricking or calling draws unless until the price deteriorates. Bluffing is not always good to practice especially on this occasion. This is the best time to create rapports for himself not only with the other players. During those inconsequential situations, folding might be a very good option. Consider the fact that; gaining knowledge and protecting the stack are the main objective of any players for this matter. Do the best that can be done to maintain the pot on acquirable amount and do whatever it takes to posses the best hand always.

Second Quartile of Event

Always be the best both on your style and strategy. Playing tight on this occasion is still good and proper. Loosen up a bit on hand requirements during these two positions, mid and late ones. Players with limited funds should be attacked firstly, and then those who are very eager to attack should be the next. Average pre-flop elevation of three-and-a-half times the big blind should be reduced to two-and-a half times or double the big blind. Therefore, if a player with limited stack raises “all-in”, you should fold instead of doubling that raise. Think of your own stack always in accordance with the average stack of other players. When you feel that your stack is already on danger, shift to a more aggressive style and plan for another game. Players should make the most of the time breaks to take some rest and fresh air to restart a new. Never play with the previous mistakes on mind because it would probably make you uncomfortable. This way, you cannot think properly. Every new personnel on the table should be taken note. It can change the whole environment if you are not smart to understand him. Never relax, just continue with the goal of getting all the chips on the table.

Third Quartile of Event

In this event, more players are losing their chips enormously. Stays put and mind your own chips to protect. If you feel that your chips is becoming below the marked average count, be more aggressive and aware of what is happening around. Do not fear of effervesce. If bad luck collapsed you down and put you out of the game, never worry because it is just ordinary. Especially if you where just an odds-on to win the hand, this is just life because you as a player should really need to be raising your stack to end up in a more considerable final battle. In this occasion, rising eagerly would be a smart move even though being knocked-out is possible. Be aware that all the players have a common objective and that is to collect all the money on bet.
But being quiet and fearful on the game is not a mortal sin really, just be sure to shift that negative vibes into a positive useful trick in playing. On this occasion, attacking mid-stacks even more assertively than short-stack would be a smart move. Never mind how big is the required size of bet. Players should put a bet parallel to the average stakes all throughout the event. Everyone has to bet proportionally more throughout an event. Always put in mind that what you need as a player is an extra luck. But then, luck is not yet enough, be smart and intelligent in putting up a decision. Never entertain pressure, just enjoy the game and call patron saints.

Final Quartile and Final Table

Belligerence all the way through this final quartile of a tournament is necessary. Exerting extra effort and getting lucky would be a requirement for this matter. The player himself is the only influential aspect in the eagerness to fight whether it is an obvious win or a see through defeat. And luck on the other hand would be depended on whatsoever poker gods. Whenever blinds are an amazingly low as compared to the players’ stack on hand, consider the competition very stiff because all the players are adjusting to one another. Passing to the big-blind player would be obvious, and then one raise then followed by all other passes. Stealing blinds would be considered as the best way to sustain with the obvious winners and to save your stack smoothly. As per the movie, this event would be a slow paced and so boring to watch because of the dull moments that instinctively occur. When the foremost primary bubble has conceded which is the one that digs you up into the money; a second one will emerge who is the most eager to make it on the Final Table. This is the best time to attack both bubbles insistently and confidently. Mind more concentration on the players who still have mid-stacks rather than those players who has short stacks left on their possession because players with mid-stacks would probably do their best to retain themselves on their spots while players with short stack would be pressured to gamble. On this stage also, the number of players are deteriorating on numbers while the hand values increases tremendously. But this would not be the reason to get intimidated specially if the bets are getting higher and the calls and raise are heading up. This is just normal as the players will exert more efforts because the table is becoming shorthanded. Be firm still in playing, be aggressive and take extra care on decision making.

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