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Stages of a Poker Tournament

To be able to understand Poker Tournaments better, the player should be knowledgeable not only on the definition of the word tournament nor the tips and strategy that are inclined to it. Anyone who is interested in learning poker tournaments should also be aware of its stages. The below mentioned stages are applicable to all the types of tournaments except for re-buys events.

Early Stage;

This is the stage from which player should build a firmed position on the table or should posses a personality to intimidate other players. Build up a rapport between you and the other players. You can play tricks with them by being friendly at first. Just act like a spy to know their weaknesses and strengths when it comes to playing poker. During this early stage, being a tight aggressive player is good, but never underestimate other players on the table, be very cautious and enhance self control when it comes to poker playing. Hang around for a premium hand. Know who among the players are poker addicts and learn the tactics that the players are playing so that you can use this knowledge on the latter part of the game. Be aware of the players who are loose playing and who among the players play tight. Be attentive always on the early stage to know who among the sitters are expert and who among them just the beginners are. It is also very important to analyze the players and know who will be going to make a call against those players who will be going to lay down a hand.

Middle Stages;

After knowing and understanding the opponents in the tournament, this is the time to settle down, forget about the madness, bust-outs, and anxiety for being uneasy during the early stage of the tournament. This is the stage where the blinds would begin to play a little trick around. Make the most of the player who throw away large stacks and doesn’t mind the money being wasted. You as a player should take advantage of this. Of course, you as a player should also be aware if any of the players with large stacks are too tight and too cautious to throw coins for that matter. In accordance with short stacks, you can play a little bit more, but always ensure that it`s head-up so that you are not at any danger to lose even a small chance of throwing a stack. There are players who are obliged to play weaker hands, and those are the desperate players. Do your best to push the short stack to all-in and never leave them with few chips left. That is in accordance if you are against a short stack player. This could possibly turn back to trouble you. If one of the players had called all in and that player is considered small stack, say for example you as a player called all in also, there seems to be an undeclared conformity that nobody from the two of you to be out of the game. Meaning two against many. By this, there is assurance to be stronger in throwing out the smaller stack players and increase the probability of getting the money pot. Therefore, put a little more hesitance in betting not until you feel the extreme luck is in your way. In accordance with dealing numerous opponents on the table, it is always good to bet your hand.

The Late Stage;

When you are lucky enough to be holding a huge stack, you can play a lot more things like intimidating small stacks players but not to the extent of treating them like nobody when it comes to playing poker, you can bully those players who play tight but not insult them, you may be thrown out of the table as rule of the game and you can also tease those players who like to lay down a hand but avoid provoking them as it may bounce back to you. Remember that you just have a large stack; you are not yet the winner. And if you really wanted to level up playing in the final table, you should take extra care in dealing with another player who has a large stack as well. You should be avoiding attacks from them and vice versa. Play a little trick in picking up a spot. Bluffing is good when tensions are stronger that relaxing especially if the opponents are bluffing you or other opponents too. If you are not that big, do not let them know that you are small if necessary, stare at the other players and peep into their stacks, and then, make a decision if you can still stay at the tournament even losing the pots or not winning the blinds. If your strongest hand dictates you to gamble all your chips, and you are confident to trust that guts, get it on, by hook or by crook, put it all in.

The Final Table;

The conclusive part is the final table, in here, a lot of players are diminishing already, survivors stay, and the weaker are eliminated. But the game is not yet finished, for other players, this is just the beginning. Mind your tactics, tactics that are applicable to final table. And then again, tactics should be depended on your stacks, on other players’ stacks, on how they were related, and to the blinds of course. Always begin the tournament with extra cautious because this is the part from which a player could make it or could break it. And as the game goes on, aggressiveness can be forecasted as the players are busting out. If you feel that the blinds could not defeat you or cannot snatch your stacks at all, you still need to be more careful in dealing your hands with the other big stack players. Try to trick them and bluff them to trap, but never underestimate them unless you are so sure that you have all the strongest hand. Doubling up a small stack is an act of stupidity; you did not strive hard to be part of the final table just to be fooled on this last part of the tournament. Never forget that the lower the number of players, the more chances of snatching the chips. Be the best of hand in dealing with the aggressive players, and making a stand is not agreeable if your own stack is not that large as compared to the others. You have to take the risk of playing some hands if you are the short stack but never be in a hurry. If you’re the short stack, you have to gamble and play some hands, but don`t be hasty. If you are in critical situation, raise first to avoid breaking down all your stacks. Be always attentive to other players’ gestures because it implicates what is on their hands. Be confident, you were already able to make it on the finals; you already pushed the other opponents on the bridge. Meaning fewer players is left, and by this, you will be forced to play more hands.

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