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Texas Hold‘Em Poker Rules

Texas holdem rules - Texas Hold’em has been extensively being a large part in any casino chores including card rooms and the likes, never to mention its popularity on the online casino world. Aside from the fact that it conceives a limited stake, any liabilities would also be narrow. And for the players to be able to have a big winnings or vise versa, players have to succeed or be defeated in a series of big hands. This fact helps makes it player-friendly, apparently more moderate, there are time also that it is even more unsurprising. By these adjectives, some of the readers may find it to play less enjoyable but for others, these description makes the players select this game to play. Texas Hold'em is considered as one of the most blockbuster variety of poker in the world of gambling as it was one of the most talked about game either on the website, article or even in some of the entertainment show. But, what makes it really different from classic standard poker games?
Nine or ten players will make a full Texas Hold'em table but less than nine would make that full Texas Hold’em a shorthanded. To be able to know who would be the first dealer, every player would be dealt by each card, and the player who gets the highest value of card would be the beginner of the game. A white plastic chip sometimes called the button would be the indicator of the dealer’s position that is why dealer is sometimes called “the button”. This button rotates counter clockwise after each set of play has been finished. This is to let other players to experience also being tagged as the button or the dealer.


The bet which are the big and the small blinds should be prepared in a pot before dealing any cards. It is already predetermined to avoid confusions and misunderstandings. Usually, the small blind amounts to half the amount of the big blinds. They were position side by side by the dealer. The small blind is in the dealer’s left while the big blind is positioned on the left side of the small blind.

The dealer will start to deal two cards, which are called the pocket cards or the hole cards. Faced down to the players, the cards will be given first to the left member of the table, one at a time and so on. Automatically, players would look at their cards and decide whether to call the existing bet with the big blinds that happens to be the highest amount of bet at this point of time. Players aside from calling can also decide to fold, if they think that their cards do not deserve to make a call. And players can also decide to make a raise, if they are confident that their cards are in a winning streak. Every player beginning with the player positioned on the left of the big blind would make their decisions and put it on actions. If any player raises the bet, those others have to consider the new amount on the pot, including those who already made their decisions prior to the raise. A player may also decide for another raise anytime of the game if one of the players had already made a raise. If in case that no player has decided to make a raise, then the big blind has to check again and if other players had already folded or called the last raise, this is the time that the betting round stops.


This is the time that the dealer needs to set aside one card, meaning, the card would be burnt not literally of course, but only put to one side facing down to attest that this card would not be used. Three cards would also be dealt face down and would be shown to the public players simultaneously; this is the thing called Flop. Together with the two cards that are already on players’ hand, these would be the first five community cards that all the players may consider in forming the best poker possible hand. In here, the standard ranking in poker games apply. The little blind player is now “Under the Gun” or the UTG. Meaning, the little blind would be the pioneer in acting and deciding how to react in every round of betting. Little blinds need to select whether to bet or fold as in pre flop play. Enthusiasts’ point of view when someone hands did not improve should be stopped playing and may continue with another round if necessary. For the experts, seeing five of the seven cards to be used is more than enough to decide. And the betting round stops once again if all the players have already decided whether to fold, call or decided a raise.


The second card to be set aside or to be burnt would be on this time. Then after that, the dealer deals the fourth community card which is called the Turn, facing up the players. In here, there would be another set of betting, exactly the same as the flop, and the UTG is still with the small blind seat.


This is where the final card to be burnt happens. Then after that, the dealer would reveal the River, the fifth and last community card. This is considered to be the last hope of those players who had a wished for a particular card. In here, there is one final set of betting. It is at this point or even before that if most of the players have folded except one, that one would be proclaimed as the winner of the pot. And that last one who did not fold can now mess up with his hands even without showing to the other players what he has. There is no sense of showing them anymore because no one has called or wanted to fight the hands they have.


And the battle begins…….time to match up. A showdown takes place when a player is called after the River. This showdown could engage the two players left who did not decided to fold or even the entire players on the table in case there is no player who decided to fold. It actually depends on how many players stayed up to this point of the game. It’s about for all the players who are still at hand to show their cards. Starting with the last person to bet, at this point also, if a player knows that his card could not beat the first player to show his cards, the player may also muck his cards and has the right not to show his cards to the table to cover up his styles of playing. By this, he conceded already to the first player. But of course, he has also the right to show his cards according to what his plans are. The player with the best rank in his five cards sweeps the pot. The end of the round ends here.

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